Hotel Transfers

Hotel Transfers

Hotel Transfers allows our clients to arrive at, or move from, the hotel or apartment they have reserved in Milan in a safe, comfortable and speedy manner. Your arrival at your accommodation in Milan, whether in the center or the outskirts, will be accomplished swiftly, easily and in private.

Our cars are equipped with all comforts (air conditioning, bar fridge, etc) and will satisfy your every need when traveling alone or with friends, family or work colleagues. Just contact us and book the hotel transfer service, and our drivers will be waiting for you at the location of your choice.

You will not have the inconvenience of waiting until there is an available taxi, or looking for a bus, or having to worry about carrying your luggage around the city with you. You will have the certainty of knowing that a professional and trustworthy driver will be waiting for you at your designated spot.

You will be able to identify your chauffeur immediately as he will have a sign with your name on it. He will be happy to help you with your luggage and take you to your accommodation.

The transfer will be straightforward and enjoyable and as you travel to your destination you can admire the city and the splendid landmarks in Milan.

You can also enjoy the view without worrying about the meter ticking. You will be happy that you have chosen a quality service aimed at making your trip unforgettable. When you wish to leave your hotel to eat, attend a business meeting, go shopping in the center, visit a museum, or to leave Milan at the end of your stay, just call and reserve your new transfer.

Our drivers will let you know when they have arrived at the hotel reception or will call you on your cell phone if you are staying in an apartment. To guarantee a more efficient service, we advise you to provide all of your contact details and to keep to the times that were agreed on at the time of reservation. Our drivers will always be aware of delays, problems, or train or air strikes once they have been announced.